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Hi, I am Elise, the owner of Travelin the Now and the Tour Guide in Costa Rica

Hello there! I'm Elise. I'm someone who cherishes the present moment and delights in every second, because life is precious! And you know what? I've fallen head over heels for Costa Rica! This country embodies everything I adore: a laid-back atmosphere, awe-inspiring nature, captivating wildlife, soothing hot springs, pristine beaches, and so much more... I reside on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and orchestrate group excursions, granting me familiarity with numerous destinations here! Through this webinar, I aspire to impart my insights and guidance, while also welcoming any questions you may have!

Elise Nab

Elise Nab

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Auto huren in Costa Rica

In this webinar I will explain how ...

💫 We make this trip magical

🤗 Our journey through breathtaking destinations takes shape.

🌿 We integrate mindfulness practices seamlessly in our retreat

🐾 we include unique and wonderful experiences which are hard to find by yourself


Prepare for a mindful and uplifting 30-minute webinar, designed to be clear, concise, and filled with positive energy! And remember, if you're unable to join us live, don't worry—simply register, and I'll ensure you receive the webinar afterward to enjoy at your own pace.

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica? 🌴 Or are you simply curious about what this beautiful country has to offer?

Do you say YES! to?

🦋 a Group Trip with Free Souls (man / woman)

🙏🧎‍♂️Mindfulness in Costa Rica

☘️🌴🦋 Nature

🍫🫕 Cacau Ceremonie with the indigenous BriBri

💃🏻 Ecstatic Dance 

🌊 Blue Zone

♥️ Engaging Group Conversations

💫 Candlelit sessions in the hot springs

🌿 Sustainable Hotels

✨ Sunrise and Sunset watching

☀️ Sea & Jungle Vibes

✈️ Adventure

🐒 Monkeys, Toucans, Sloths and more!

Embarking on Our Next Mindful
Group Trip/Retreat...

From March 16th to March 28th, we still have a few spots left to join us on this mindful journey! If you're eager to learn more and can't wait for the webinar, just send me a message. And remember, if those dates don't align with your schedule, no worries! We have more trips planned and are always looking ahead to future adventures.