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Hey, Nice to Meet You!

Meet the Specialist and Tour Guide!

Hello there! I'm Elise, and I organize group trips and create personalized tailor-made travels. I grew up in the Netherlands but now I live in Costa Rica. I'm someone who loves to live in the moment and fully enjoy every moment, after all, you only live once! I fell in love with... you guessed it: Costa Rica! The country that has everything for me: a relaxed vibe, stunning nature, amazing animals, hot springs, beautiful beaches, and the list goes on... With this trip, I hope to share a bit of these Costa Rican vibes with you because, let's be honest, being in love is the most beautiful thing, isn't it? Maybe I'll occasionally push you out of your comfort zone, but without stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes, life becomes too basic, right? Additionally, with the bus driver and other local guides, I ensure that with our special excursions and mindfulness sessions, you'll be completely in the moment! Everyone who joins is open to having a great time together where we fully enjoy, have meaningful group conversations, and be active in nature. Are you already excited to book the trip? 😉


Costa Rica Retreat
(12 - days)

What makes Travelin the Now unique is that our journeys in Costa Rica offer more than just sightseeing; we provide an opportunity to fully embrace the present moment. Our group trips foster a sense of camaraderie and openness, allowing for meaningful connections with fellow travelers. As you explore Costa Rica's beauty, you'll find yourself immersed in experiences that inspire wonder and tranquility. Let go of distractions and join this mindful retreat. Are you ready to embark on this unique and enriching experience with Travelin the Now?

About Elise

About Tour Guide Elise

Hey there, I'm Elise, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be your tour guide on this mindful journey. Connecting with people and places is what I live for. I have a deep love for Costa Rica, and it's my mission to share its magic with you. With a warm heart and an innate ability to bring people together. My enthusiasm and open heartedness are my secret weapons to making sure you have not just good days, but the best days of your life. I can't wait to go on adventure with you!
Costa Rica Retreat
Picture made by @jason_afriat

Are you in for:

♥️ Engaging Group Conversations

💫 Candlelit sessions in the hot springs

🌿 Sustainable Hotels

✨ Sunrise and Sunset watching

☀️ Sea & Jungle Vibes

✈️ Adventure


☘️🌴🦋 Nature 

💃🏻 Ecstatic Dance 

🐒 Monkeys, Tucans, Sloths and more!

3 Reasons To Travel With Us

Sleep in unique small eco-accommodations at perfect locations surrounded by wildlife 

Learn the Cumbia, lunch, and delve into the secrets of the Blue Zone with a local family. It's not by chance they live this long and happy!

Join a Cacau Ceremonie with the Bribri indigenous in Puerto Viejo

Date & Price Packages

Join us and discover the magic of Costa Rica guided by Elise, who ensures you're happy every step of the way. And that's not all – our local bus driver and other guides will amaze you with fascinating stories about the country, rich culture, and enchanting places we'll explore. We'll make stops in Uvita, Montezuma, Rincon de la Vieja, La Fortuna, and Puerto Viejo.

Are You In?

Come one, come all! Whether you're flying solo, with friends, or hand-in-hand with your partner, Travelin the Now is an adventure for everyone hungry for connection, lively conversations, and uproarious laughter.

No need to be a mindfulness guru already - just be open to it! 

This is an invitation for anyone craving an authentic taste of Costa Rica, a journey brimming with fresh discoveries, exciting escapades, and vibrant encounters with diverse cultures.

Get ready to dive in and let the happiness begin!

Join single, with your partner or with friends!

Whether you're traveling solo, with friends, or hand in hand with your partner, Travelin the Now is an adventure for anyone seeking connection, engaging conversations, and the freedom to be themselves.

You don't need to be a mindfulness expert – just be open!

This is an invitation for those who crave an authentic introduction to Costa Rica, a journey filled with new discoveries and unique encounters with diverse cultures.

Get ready for a journey full of magic!

National Park Rincon de la Vieja With Local Guide Costa Rica

8 Reasons to Join this Group Trip to Costa Rica

Visit the best places in Costa Rica
Regular mindfulness sessions
Ecstatic dance with a local community in Uvita
Relax in hot springs and visit beautiful waterfalls

Engage in conection sessions
Central Eco-friendly stays amidst wildlife

Travel safely with us. We are well-insured
Experience happiness like never before

Your Trip

Travelin The Now

 Choose from a morning workout, serene sunrise sessions, or peaceful meditation amidst the thriving wildlife, jungles, or the beaches of Costa Rica.

  Encounter Majestic Whales, snorkel at Cano Island, meditate during the day in Hot Springs, and return in the evening to enjoy these natural jacuzzis with a drink and good conversations.

Discover breathtaking National Parks with knowledgeable local guides who are passionate about Costa Rica's rich biodiversity.

Google Reviews

Daphne HarmsenDaphne Harmsen
19:10 13 May 24
The most beautiful trip ever! I always wanted to travel, but for me it was a barrier to really going alone. I saw travel in the now on Instagram and I immediately felt that I had to do this. The trip turned out even better than I could imagine. Elise is a wonderful, sweet tour guide who takes her time and tries so hard to show you the most beautiful places in the country. She takes all her time. She gives good explanations about all the special places and, in combination with mindfulness, it made me completely in the moment. A bond was created with the group, but also with the environment and nature. I will never forget this trip and I will take it with me forever.PURA VIDALove, Daphne
Basra AhdourBasra Ahdour
19:46 17 Apr 24
What a wonderful experience this was🤩 Enjoyed the beautiful nature & culture of Costa Rica and all the adventures we had there! The special thing about this trip is that you really experience it together in a very nice group. Highly recommended for anyone who is open to it and wants to get away from the busy life for a while 🫶 Pura Vida🌴
Nadia FransenNadia Fransen
17:17 23 Mar 24
I would definitely recommend a trip with Travelin The Now! Elise, the tour guide and founder, is a very nice person, someone you would like to be with! She knows how to connect people and especially groups with each other. For example, I once had a mindfulness (group) session where we learned a lot about each other. In addition to her open-minded character, Elise also has a lot of humor! She knows how to convey her knowledge and love for Costa Rica well. In short; This will be a trip you will never forget! ❤️
Kosta EftaxiasKosta Eftaxias
13:59 15 Mar 24
Had a fantastic trip in February with Travel in the now, what a wonderfully beautiful country Costa Rica is. The group leader Elise is also great, I definitely recommend going on a trip with her! Positive, fun girl with always a smile on her face, she takes you to the most beautiful places in Costa Rica and creates a nice atmosphere within the group.
joost noorlandjoost noorland
13:20 15 Mar 24
What a great experience! The hostess has prepared everything down to the last detail and is a very pleasant traveling companion. You will visit the most beautiful places and this is a good option if you want to travel alone for the first time but still want to be among people. Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:39 05 Mar 24
Bart NoorlandBart Noorland
21:06 05 Mar 24
What a great holiday. Elise is a very nice hostess and has arranged a very nice and pleasant holiday. I will recommend it to everyone.
17:37 05 Mar 24
Had a great trip together with Elise, couldn't recommend more!
Annelies NabAnnelies Nab
16:31 05 Mar 24
Elise had arranged everything wonderfully! We went to Costa Rica with our family without any worries. Enjoyed the beautiful nature, the waterfalls, volcanoes, the sea, the natural hot springs, local family in the blue zone, monkeys, birds, whales. But especially mindfulness and the beautiful conversations in the Hot springs. Elise knows how to connect everyone in the group. The hotels were beautiful and the local bus driver is great, he knows a lot about Costa Rica and can talk enthusiastically in good English.In short, a wonderful, wonderful holiday.www.travelin_the_now.com
andy nabandy nab
00:47 05 Mar 24
Unforgatteble experience in Costa Rica!!! 🇨🇷February 2024I booked the trip of Elise together with my girlfriend, and we had a wonderful time together with Elise and the rest of the group in Costa Rica. The trip is full of amazing excursions throughout the country, and we got to see the most beautiful places in Costa Rica! 👀Since Elise traveled in the country and fell in love with Costa Rica during her journey, she knows how to take the group to very beautiful, but also fun and atmospheric places with plenty of exciting excursions!In addition, Elise made sure that we fully Traveled in The Now during the holiday!Moreover, she had selected beautiful hotels (all surrounded by nature with very friendly staff).My girlfriend and I also didn't notice any crime at all, quite the contrary, the people were super friendly and all fully enjoy life, which is also the atmosphere that the whole country radiates.The bus driver who toured us around also passionately shared various facts and information about different animals, plants en other stuff in Costa Rica while driving.I would definitely recommend this trip! If you look on Elise's Instagram or website, there are plenty of photos and videos showing how it will roughly look like.Also, take a look at what Elise recommends to bring, for example, water shoes, which I definitely recommend bringing along, so you can easily walk over rocks at the waterfalls.Elise, thank you! It was a fantastic trip! ❤️ Pura Vida 🤙🏼
Marius LichtendahlMarius Lichtendahl
22:54 04 Mar 24
We had an amazing 13-day trip. Elise really makes everyone feel at home. Even though we traveled a lot and been to so many magical places. Our personal driver Gilberto was a local who could tell a lot about the area and all it’s wonders. During the trip you’ll meet fellow travellers and make great connections. I will never forget the beach sunset with guitars that sprouted an intimate beach party. It was very spontaneous, but so much fun. Thanks Elise!

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