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Hola!!! Do you want to experience Costa Rica all your own way?

We wish everyone the Pura Vida feeling of free and carefree living. That's why, as the Dutch-speaking local travel specialist in Costa Rica, we now offer customized trips. Whatever your budget, you can now discover enchanting Costa Rica, one of the greenest and most diverse countries in the world. You will find really everything... Beach life, surfing, diving, snorkeling, wildlife and trekking through the jungle or on a volcano. Everything from adventure doing vacations to relaxing retreats. Let me know your travel needs soon and choose what suits you best below....

Elise Nab

Elise Nab

Typically replies within a day

Hey, Nice to Meet You!

We plan wonderful trips completely tailored to your travel needs!
Everything for couples, families friends groups, anniversary trips, families with children and solo travelers. Whatever your budget...

Why customized travel with Travelin the Now?

✅ Everything from solo trips with ayahuasca to fine family trips with young children
✅ Dutch-speaking travel specialist in Costa Rica
✅ The best local tips!
✅ Extended local contacts
✅ Quick to respond
✅ Service also when you are traveling
✅ Transparent about all prices / earnings
✅ No cure, no pay!

Customized travel!

Who would you like to explore Costa Rica with? As Costa Rica specialists, we know the country has everything to offer. From lying tranquil in the sun on one of the many pearly white beaches or excitingly trekking through the green rainforests with a machete. Or perhaps you're just looking for a nice mix between rest and adventure? Whatever your travel needs are, we can already map out a plan for you to fit your budget. Can you picture it?

Mindfulness customized!

YES! You want to travel to the beautiful and diverse Costa Rica and then? Somewhere you are in dire need of a moment to yourself and are thinking about a retreat. But you also want to see something of the country and maybe do nothing and relax on the Caribbean coast. Fortunately, this country has everything your vacation heart desires. And can we feel free to make a travel plan together with the best of everything. So, for example, a 5-day yoga retreat followed by an Ayahuasca ceremony and then a lovely two weeks of recuperation in a cozy hippie beach village. What you want ... So what do you want?

Customized retreats

Need to unwind, find some depth or just do nothing at all? Costa Rica's motto for life is not for nothing "Pura Vida," or pure life; a relaxed, stress-free and delayed lifestyle. Virtually unique in the world and it may be said, the ideal climate for retreats. Consider yoga retreats, ecstatic dance festivals, cocoa and ayahuasca ceremonies, or taking plant medicine, for example. And so there are a legion of possibilities. What is good to know about this is that we have contacts throughout the country in the spiritual and mindful world who can contribute to your ideal journey. But first of all, we are very curious about where your needs lie. What do you feel most strongly about at the moment?

How does it work?

✅ We like personal contact. So send an email to  or a Whatsapp message: +31 6 409 78 250 or dm me via this link on Instagram.

✅ Share your requirements, desired travel period, your travel budget and contact information.

✅ Elise will contact you and put together a customized trip, including prices and accommodations.

✅ Elise will discuss the itinerary with you and make any necessary adjustments or optimizations for you.

✅ Once you agree and allow me to discuss, reserve and book everything for you, you will pay a one-time fee of €200 per person. Very transparent and no additional costs. 

So no cure no pay! What do you have to lose...? Vamos Costa Rica! Elise is happy to help you!

Elise Nab

Elise Nab

Typically replies within a day

Hey, Nice to Meet You!

Who will customize my trip?

Travelin the Now tailors the trip for you! Elise of Travelin the Now is Dutch by birth and lives in Costa Rica. Her many travel experiences allow her to put together the best wishes for you! She is easy to contact, listens carefully to all needs and budget and, according to all clients, is truly a winner!


Who am I?

Hello there! I am Elise, raised in the Netherlands but living in Costa Rica. I myself am someone who likes to be "in the now" and enjoy every moment with 100%, after all, you only live once! I fell in love with...... you guessed it: Costa Rica! The country that for me has everything: A relaxed vibe, beautiful nature,  amazingly cute animals, hot springs, beautiful beaches and I could go on.... With this trip, I hope to give you a piece of this Costa Rica jitters, because let's face it, being in love is the greatest thing, right? Maybe I'm pushing you out of your comfort zone every now and then, but without stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes, life gets pretty basic, doesn't it?

I'll do my best to put together the best trip for you!


Elise Nab

Elise Nab

Typically replies within a day

Hey, Nice to Meet You!

About Elise

About tour guide Elise

Hi, I'm Elise, your spirited tour guide at Travelin the Now. My mission? To make sure you not only feel safe, but also have absolute fun on the road! With my open-minded and welcoming nature, I am here to create an environment where every traveler feels like they are part of something special.

Adventure and fun are woven into every step of our journey. Whether we discover hidden gems or engage in exciting activities, I guarantee you will have experiences that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed and I'm here to make sure you enjoy every moment.

But it's not just about adrenaline rushes and laughter. It is also about a deep connection with the places we visit. It is my passion to immerse ourselves in the local culture, learn from the people we meet and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

And of course, amidst all the excitement, there are also moments of quiet reflection. These pauses allow us to truly absorb the depth of our experiences and turn them into treasured memories.

So if you're ready for an adventure as fun as self-discovery, join me on Travelin the Now. Let's create memories that will last a lifetime!"

Daphne HarmsenDaphne Harmsen
19:10 13 May 24
The most beautiful trip ever! I always wanted to travel, but for me it was a barrier to really going alone. I saw travel in the now on Instagram and I immediately felt that I had to do this. The trip turned out even better than I could imagine. Elise is a wonderful, sweet tour guide who takes her time and tries so hard to show you the most beautiful places in the country. She takes all her time. She gives good explanations about all the special places and, in combination with mindfulness, it made me completely in the moment. A bond was created with the group, but also with the environment and nature. I will never forget this trip and I will take it with me forever.PURA VIDALove, Daphne
Basra AhdourBasra Ahdour
19:46 17 Apr 24
What a wonderful experience this was🤩 Enjoyed the beautiful nature & culture of Costa Rica and all the adventures we had there! The special thing about this trip is that you really experience it together in a very nice group. Highly recommended for anyone who is open to it and wants to get away from the busy life for a while 🫶 Pura Vida🌴
Nadia FransenNadia Fransen
17:17 23 Mar 24
I would definitely recommend a trip with Travelin The Now! Elise, the tour guide and founder, is a very nice person, someone you would like to be with! She knows how to connect people and especially groups with each other. For example, I once had a mindfulness (group) session where we learned a lot about each other. In addition to her open-minded character, Elise also has a lot of humor! She knows how to convey her knowledge and love for Costa Rica well. In short; This will be a trip you will never forget! ❤️
Kosta EftaxiasKosta Eftaxias
13:59 15 Mar 24
Had a fantastic trip in February with Travel in the now, what a wonderfully beautiful country Costa Rica is. The group leader Elise is also great, I definitely recommend going on a trip with her! Positive, fun girl with always a smile on her face, she takes you to the most beautiful places in Costa Rica and creates a nice atmosphere within the group.
joost noorlandjoost noorland
13:20 15 Mar 24
What a great experience! The hostess has prepared everything down to the last detail and is a very pleasant traveling companion. You will visit the most beautiful places and this is a good option if you want to travel alone for the first time but still want to be among people. Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:39 05 Mar 24
Bart NoorlandBart Noorland
21:06 05 Mar 24
What a great holiday. Elise is a very nice hostess and has arranged a very nice and pleasant holiday. I will recommend it to everyone.
17:37 05 Mar 24
Had a great trip together with Elise, couldn't recommend more!
Annelies NabAnnelies Nab
16:31 05 Mar 24
Elise had arranged everything wonderfully! We went to Costa Rica with our family without any worries. Enjoyed the beautiful nature, the waterfalls, volcanoes, the sea, the natural hot springs, local family in the blue zone, monkeys, birds, whales. But especially mindfulness and the beautiful conversations in the Hot springs. Elise knows how to connect everyone in the group. The hotels were beautiful and the local bus driver is great, he knows a lot about Costa Rica and can talk enthusiastically in good English.In short, a wonderful, wonderful
andy nabandy nab
00:47 05 Mar 24
Unforgatteble experience in Costa Rica!!! 🇨🇷February 2024I booked the trip of Elise together with my girlfriend, and we had a wonderful time together with Elise and the rest of the group in Costa Rica. The trip is full of amazing excursions throughout the country, and we got to see the most beautiful places in Costa Rica! 👀Since Elise traveled in the country and fell in love with Costa Rica during her journey, she knows how to take the group to very beautiful, but also fun and atmospheric places with plenty of exciting excursions!In addition, Elise made sure that we fully Traveled in The Now during the holiday!Moreover, she had selected beautiful hotels (all surrounded by nature with very friendly staff).My girlfriend and I also didn't notice any crime at all, quite the contrary, the people were super friendly and all fully enjoy life, which is also the atmosphere that the whole country radiates.The bus driver who toured us around also passionately shared various facts and information about different animals, plants en other stuff in Costa Rica while driving.I would definitely recommend this trip! If you look on Elise's Instagram or website, there are plenty of photos and videos showing how it will roughly look like.Also, take a look at what Elise recommends to bring, for example, water shoes, which I definitely recommend bringing along, so you can easily walk over rocks at the waterfalls.Elise, thank you! It was a fantastic trip! ❤️ Pura Vida 🤙🏼
Marius LichtendahlMarius Lichtendahl
22:54 04 Mar 24
We had an amazing 13-day trip. Elise really makes everyone feel at home. Even though we traveled a lot and been to so many magical places. Our personal driver Gilberto was a local who could tell a lot about the area and all it’s wonders. During the trip you’ll meet fellow travellers and make great connections. I will never forget the beach sunset with guitars that sprouted an intimate beach party. It was very spontaneous, but so much fun. Thanks Elise!

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