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BriBri's Immersive Healing Experience in Costa Rica's Natural Haven

Cacao Ceremony Costa Rica

During our trip, we'll join a special cacao ceremony with the BriBri indigenous people at our last destination (Puerto Viejo). The Bribri Indigenous Village, situated in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica, offers a unique Cacao Ceremony that goes beyond a simple chocolate-making session. This ceremony is a sensory journey into Mesoamerican culture, providing a deep and multi-dimensional experience. The cacao is believed to open the heart, bringing emotional and mental benefits. The ceremony is a distinctive cultural encounter, blending BriBri traditions with the healing properties of cacao. Guided by a Healer Shaman, the experience includes rituals like a Medicinal Plant Sweat Lodge Cleansing Ceremony, fostering a holistic connection with nature and ancient practices.


What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is a special gathering where people come together to partake in the consumption of ceremonial-grade cacao, which is a pure and minimally processed form of chocolate. This ceremony goes beyond the simple act of making chocolate; it's a unique and intentional experience with cultural, spiritual, and therapeutic dimensions. A Cacao Ceremony is a holistic experience that combines the ancient wisdom of cacao with contemporary practices, offering a unique and transformative journey.


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Why do people join Cacao Ceremonies?

People are drawn to Cacao Ceremonies for more than just the pleasure of chocolate. The Bribri community believes that cacao possesses special qualities that can evoke happiness and heightened focus. Participants seek emotional well-being and a stronger connection with their inner selves.The ceremony is a holistic experience, emphasizing a connection not only with the Earth but also with one's own spiritual essence.

Why do people join cacao ceremonies

What Does Science Say About Cacao?

Scientific interest in cacao has led to various studies examining its bioactive compounds and their effects on the human body. One notable aspect is the presence of flavonoids, antioxidants, and other compounds that contribute to the unique profile of cacao.

Research suggests that moderate consumption of dark chocolate, which has a higher cocoa content, may offer certain cardiovascular benefits. Flavonoids, known for their antioxidant properties, could positively impact blood flow and contribute to reducing blood pressure.

Moreover, cacao contains substances that may influence neurotransmitters, potentially leading to mood-enhancing effects. The relationship between cacao and mood has sparked interest in its role as a "feel-good" treat.


Where is cacao coming from?

The cacao tree, The. The cultural and spiritual significance of cacao is historically rooted in the indigenous civilizations of the Americas. Various indigenous cultures, especially in Central and South America, have recognized the unique qualities of cacao beyond its use as a delicious treat.


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Which indigenous and cultures have recognized the unique qualities of cacao?

Maya Civilization

The Maya people of ancient Mesoamerica, including present-day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, valued cacao as a sacred beverage. They believed that cacao had divine properties and used it in ritualistic ceremonies.

Aztec Civilization

The Aztecs, who succeeded the Maya in the same region, also highly esteemed cacao. They considered it a gift from the gods and used it in religious ceremonies, often mixed with spices and chilies.

Kuna People (Panama)

The Kuna people of Panama traditionally consume cacao in the form of a beverage. They believe it has therapeutic properties and regularly use it as medicine for various ailments.
Asháninka People (Peru):
The Asháninka people in the Peruvian Amazon have a long history of cultivating cacao. They use it not only for its taste but also for its believed ability to enhance energy and mood.

Shipibo-Conibo People (Peru)

Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon, such as the Shipibo-Conibo, use cacao in shamanic rituals. They believe that cacao can facilitate communication with the spirit world.

Xoconochco (Chiapas, Mexico)

The Xoconochco region in Chiapas, Mexico, is known for producing high-quality cacao. Local indigenous communities value cacao for its cultural significance and consider it a symbol of fertility.

Quechua People (Ecuador)

The Quechua people in Ecuador have a strong tradition of cacao consumption. They use cacao in various ceremonies and believe in its ability to bring people together.

How do the Bribri people live in Costa Rica?

The Bribri people, part of Costa Rica's indigenous tribes, live in harmony with nature, maintaining a strong connection to their traditions. They migrated from the Amazon in South America, settling in the Talamanca Mountains. Agriculture, particularly the cultivation of sacred cacao, is central to their economic and spiritual heritage.


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What makes the Bribri special?

The uniqueness of the Bribri lies in their rich cultural heritage and profound knowledge of plant-based healing. Their deep respect for nature and commitment to preserving traditions make them stand out. The Bribri are guardians of ancient wisdom, creating a distinctive identity.


How is the Bribri Cacao Ceremony in Costa Rica different?

The Bribri Cacao Ceremony is a unique blend of ancient healing practices, mystical magic realism, and modern science, making it stand out from a typical Cacao Ceremony. Led by the revered Healer Shaman,, this ceremony goes beyond chocolate-making, delving into the profound healing power of cacao. It embraces "Magic Realism," integrates quantum physics principles, and includes shamanic rituals for a holistic experience.

Participants connect with bioenergy, undergo unique cleansing rituals like the Cacao Paste Facial, and experience a transformative journey that transcends time and space. It's a celebration of tradition, a dance with the mystical, and a profound connection with healing forces.


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What can we expect during the visit?

In the past, the BriBri people, along with other indigenous tribes in Costa Rica and Panama, moved from the Amazon in South America. They were once hunters and gatherers, and then they became farmers during the Agricultural Period. When they migrated, they brought with them a special plant called "Cacao." This plant is very important to them and is both their main source of income and a sacred part of their spirituality.

When we visit, we'll take part in a Cacao Ceremony led by Luis, who is known as "The Healer Shaman." This ceremony has the power to help with emotional wounds, stress, fears, and anxiety by connecting with the energy of bioenergy. Luis will show us how to make chocolate using ancient tools to grind cacao beans and create chocolate paste. Once the paste is ready, the Healing Shaman will start a Cleansing Ceremony, using cacao paste for a facial treatment. Afterward, there's a special ancient ritual called "The Medicinal Plant Sweat Lodge" at the "Usure Healing House."


During this ceremony, if you believe in "Magic Realism," you might find healing for emotional wounds, traumas, stress, fears, anxiety, and more. It's a unique and ancient experience that connects us with the healing power of nature.


Why Choose Travelin the Now for This Cacao Cereomonie?

To experience the unique healing power of the Bribri Cacao Ceremony;To embark on a transformative journey blending ancient practices, magic realism, and modern science;To connect with nature and tap into the spiritual essence of the Bribri traditions;To embrace the authenticity of a ceremony that goes beyond the ordinary, creating a lasting impact;To create lasting memories through a one-of-a-kind cultural exchange!

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